Don’t Get the Flu Shot for Yourself

Get It for Your Loved Ones

So you’re never sick, you’ve never gotten the flu, and you heard it doesn’t really work. May as well skip the flu shot, right? Wrong. Read some of these common excuses for not getting the flu shot and then do the right thing: Get your shot.


“But I never get sick!”

Good for you! Congratulations on having healthy habits and being blessed with a strong immune system. Does that give you a “get out of the flu shot free” card? No it does not. You know how great it is to not have the flu? Give others the opportunity to enjoy the same good health by getting the shot and helping build “herd immunity.” A lot of immuno-compromised people can’t get the shots themselves. So the more the population these people live in is protected, the better. Do it for the babies, the elderly, and those fighting off terrible diseases. You wouldn’t wish the flu on yourself, so do what you can to help keep them from getting it.


“But I am sick!”

If you have a cough or a cold, you can still get the flu shot. A mild illness won’t keep the vaccine from working or make you get sicker. As long as you don’t have a fever, you’re good to go.


“I’ve never gotten the flu before!”

Again, that’s wonderful. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make you completely immune to this year’s strain. Every year, the CDC takes their best guess at what strain of flu will hit. Every year, it’s a different variation. While your body may have fended off previous strains, your safety this year isn’t guaranteed. Go ahead, get the flu shot.


“They do more harm than good!”

Now that’s just not true. The chances of serious side effects from the flu shot are small. Very small. You’re more likely to win the lottery than have a life-threatening reaction to the flu shot. Smart money says you’ll be just fine.


“But I’m pregnant!”

Congratulations! The flu shot is especially important for pregnant women! The vaccine will protect you and your developing child.


“But I got the shot last year and still got the flu!”

This is unfortunate, but no reason to give up. As we said, every year the CDC comes up with their best guess on what strains to vaccinate against. They don’t always get it 100% right, but it changes every year. Like the CDC, we encourage you to do your best to stay one step ahead of the flu by getting vaccinated every year.


Not all heroes wear capes. Do something good for yourself and your fellow humans by getting the flu shot this year. We’ll thank you; society will thank you, and your body just might thank you too.


Call your Primary Care Physician today to schedule your flu shot! It’s covered by most insurances and is usually free! If you don’t have a primary care physician, we can help. Click here to meet our Primary Care Providers.


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