All About Ankles

Basketball season is upon us, and whether you’re a student athlete with an eye on the big leagues or a retiree looking to get back on the court at the gym, you’ll want to make sure your ankles are ready for the challenge. Here are some of our favorite ankle exercises.


Practice Your Balance: Getting the best ankles of your life could be as easy as standing like a flamingo. Balancing on one foot forces your supporting ankle to work hard and get strong. Once you’ve mastered it, challenge yourself by standing on a balance board or Bosu ball.


Use the Stairs: As little as fifteen reps of calf raises a day can help make those ankles feel the burn. Balance the balls of your feet on the edge of a step and simply raise up on your tiptoes. Repeat and repeat and repeat. When you’re stronger, add hand weights to increase the resistance.


Reverse Heels: Lift your toes and front of your feet off the floor. Balance on your heels and walk across the room. Do this daily for strong shins and ankles.


Put in the Towel: Place one foot on a towel. Grab the towel with your bare toes. Lift your heel, pull the towel taut, then repeat the toe grabs. Bonus: makes a great trick for parties, too.


When your ankles are stronger, you can incorporate lateral and hopping exercises. Keep going safely and you’ll be ankle strong in no time. And don’t forget: Strong ankles are nothing without a strong core. Incorporate an occasional plank, some squats, and deadlifting to keep everything in shape. 


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