HMH Foundation

The Howard Memorial Hospital Foundation was established in 1992 as a non-profit 501c (3) organization whose mission is to promote the advancement and further the aims and purposes of Howard Memorial Hospital. The foundation of a building is the most essential factor in its long-term success. A solid foundation helps the building withstand drastic climate changes over time. Likewise, the HMH Foundation, the essential support structure for Howard Memorial Hospital, is a key partner in the hospital’s stability and growth. 

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The HMH Foundation

The Following is a list of the current Board members: 

  • Ray Blakely, Vice Chair and Chair (July 1999 - April 2018) - Emeritus
  • Paul Britt
  • Gary Dan Futrell, Chairman
  • John Hearnsberger, MD
  • Deb Kinkade
  • Sheila Kreul
  • Elizabeth Overton
  • Julie Rhodes
  • John Robert Schirmer
  • Joe Wilson
  • Riley Jamison
  • Kristin Stavely