Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 12-18

March 6, 2023

Patient safety is the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with healthcare. It aims to prevent and reduce risks, errors and harm that occur to patients during the provision of healthcare. 

Explaining that in everyday terms: 

Caring for patients in a hospital can be compared to cars going down a road. Each one is trying to reach a destination. They are all different makes and models, and driving with different abilities. Even if every driver is behaving as they should, accidents can happen. Ice or debris on the road or a vehicle malfunction can cause accidents. An unsafe driver (the uncooperative patient or employee) can really increase the chances of an accident happening. The number of cars on the road can increase the accident percentage- think Dallas interstate versus Howard County road. 

At Howard Memorial Hospital, we are striving to make your healthcare trip a safe one. We have trained employees who know how to operate the equipment and devices needed on this Journey. We have signs posted to warn of possible bumps in the road. We have plans to detour around any possible hazards. If an accident does occur, we fix that pothole or change that tire (help you overcome it, study the causes to try and keep it from happening again). We are in your community driving down the same road with you- and we have time to slow down and wave at each driver along the way. 

March 12-18 is Patient Safety Awareness week and we .at HMH want to assure our friends that we are doing our best to ensure your safety in every interaction you have with us on your healthcare journey. For more information about patient safety, call HMH at 870-845-4400. 

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