Primary Care

Your Goals are Our Goals

Whether it’s to maintain your good health or get on the path to better health, your success starts with the primary care team at Howard Memorial Hospital. With a team of three providers available, plus an onsite allergy clinic and an onsite phlebotomist for lab testing, you’ll be able to be seen sooner and get the services you need to start living your best and healthiest life. Whatever your health goals, our team is here to help you reach them. 

Get started on your healthy goals today!

We understand that you’re busy—and so is the rest of your family—so we have made it easier than ever to schedule an appointment and see a provider. Call us today at 870-845-6060 to meet with one of our skilled providers.

Dr Caldwell

Dr. Brian Caldwell

There’s never a dull moment in family practice, which is what Dr. Caldwell loves about it.

Make an appointment with Dr. Caldwell for:
• Management of chronic diseases
• Athletic health and training advice 

Leanne Wallis

Leanne Wallis, APN

She works with patients on maintaining health and wellness over the long term with a particular focus on preventative care.

Make an appointment with Leanne Wallis for:
• Preventative care
• Family health and wellness 

Tugi Myers

Tugi Myers, NP

Tugi is the newest member of the primary care team.

Make an appointment with Tugi Myers for:
• Preventative care
• Family health and wellness