Tips on How to Relieve Stress

Tips for relieving stress on a budget


Stress is a killer—literally. But not everyone has the luxury of going on vacation or getting a spa treatment. Good news, however: Whether you’re bound by time or finances, you can still enjoy moments of Zen and relaxation. Try these tips the next time the situation gets stressful: 

Cool off: A change (of temperature) can do you good. Even if you don’t think you’re all hot and bothered, you may be. Grab an ice cube and press it against your wrists. You’ll immediately cool off and be transported into a calmer state of mind.

Have a mantra: When stress starts creeping up, it’s a good idea to have a mantra. Try, “Just here, just now” or “I am peaceful, I am calm” to reset your mind and calm your heart rate.

Run it out: Like it or not, some vigorous cardio is great stress relief. Go for a run or even just do a few flights of stairs to get those stress-melting endorphins going.

Get herbal: Try an herbal helper, like Bach’s “Rescue Remedy” or essential oils. They are great for relieving stress and helping you through the tense times.

Clear your head: A walk can do you wonders. Take a stroll around the block and come back with a lot more headspace and a lot less stress.

De-stressing is for everyone. It’s an essential coping mechanism that’s good for you (and those around you). Share these tips with your loved ones today.