End the Year on a Healthy Note—Schedule Wellness Appointment and Screenings

It’s never been more important for you—and your family—to take care of your health!

As the year winds down, please get the regular appointments, screenings and care that are so vital to your health and well-being. By attending these appointments and getting regular screenings, providers can detect problems early, when they’re easiest to treat. Even better, a wellness visit is often a free appointment under most insurance plans, so take advantage of this. You’ll feel better—both about your health and use of insurance dollars. 

In addition to this important touchpoint with your physician, there are other screenings that, depending on your age, it may be time to schedule. And while these screenings may not be covered fully by insurance plans, like wellness checks are, regularly having these important tests could prove to be absolutely priceless to your health.     


As with all cancers, the sooner they are detected, the easier they are to treat—and beat. One in nine women will have a breast cancer diagnosis in her lifetime, so keeping up with this important screening is critical. If you’re over 40-years-old, or have a history of breast cancer, make your appointment if you’re due for a mammogram. This potentially life-saving screening is only 30 minutes—but it could prove to be the best 30 minutes you’ve ever spent. Now through the rest of the year is a very busy time for our mammography department, so don’t delay! To ensure you get your mammogram scheduled call us today at 870-845-8156.


Colon cancer is the second most deadly cancer, but did you know that a colonoscopy not only detects colon cancer, but it also can prevent the disease altogether? During your screening, pre-cancerous polyps are removed before they ever develop into cancer, making this important test one you don’t want to skip. If you’re over 50-years-old and haven’t scheduled a colonoscopy, do so before it’s too late. 

Chronic Conditions

Your provider can order tests for chronic conditions, such as diabetes or other diseases, depending on what he or she observes in your appointment, and based off of concerns you share. If you’re currently living with a chronic condition, discuss any changes you may have observed, and your provider could have recommendations for continued courses of care—or modifications you could make—to best help you live, and thrive with your condition. He or she may suggest meeting with our registered dietician for diabetes education and support, or meeting with other specialists, like cardiologists for help if you’re at risk for heart disease, or need support to rehab or manage your condition. There are also support groups, heart healthy nutritional services, smoking cessation programs and other programs your provider can recommend to help you live a healthier life.

Lab Work

Your doctor will likely order lab work, which is a simple blood draw to use for several laboratory tests which may include a complete blood count and metabolic panel. These screenings test your plasma to show any issues with your kidneys, liver, blood chemistry, immune system and can detect irregularities in your body that might indicate a larger problem. Your doctor could also order a diabetes or a thyroid screen. For patients with an increased risk of heart attack, heart disease or stroke, providers may also request a lipid panel (cholesterol test). 

Get a flu shot, get a flu shot, get a flu shot!

This year more than ever before, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone—from ages six months old and up—get this year’s flu vaccination. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, preventing the flu can help keep your family safe from another very serious illness that impacts, hospitalizes and kills thousands of people annually. And unlike COVID-19, there is a vaccination for influenza, so please, take advantage of this important safeguard to help keep everyone in your household healthy.

As we wrap up the final months of this truly historic year, end it on a positive note—get the important health screenings you need, particularly if you’ve been putting off visits due to concerns about COVID-19. Rest assured, our team is equipped to provide you with safe, high quality care and screenings. Make your health a priority. With questions, or to make an appointment, call 870-845-6060.  

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