Certified Diabetes Education

Howard Memorial Hospital is an American Diabetes Association Recognized Diabetes Self-Management Education Program, the only provider with this credential in the region. Our onsite certified-educator and registered dietician provides support and guidance with diet and lifestyle education to help participants manage Type 2 diabetes. 

The 4-part program includes:

  1. A one-hour, one-on-one assessment to learn your current habits, health issues and set your wellness goals.
  2. Class one teaches diabetes basics: what it is, how to treat it, potential complications and provides instruction on how to monitor blood sugar. 
  3. Class two is nutrition-focused; learn about how the foods you eat directly affect your disease.
  4. Class three covers daily self-management skills to continue after the program including cooking for diabetes, social support and an overall course review.

Who is eligible and how do you qualify for the program?

Anyone with an official diabetes diagnosis can enroll in Diabetes Self-Management Education; just stop at HMH to pick up an informational brochure and complete a self-referral. After receiving approval from your healthcare provider, patients can start the program. Contact Denise Graves, RDN at 870-845-6935 or deniseg@howardmemorial.com for more information.