What You Don't Know About Physical Therapy

It can help you more ways than you think!

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can do so much more than you think! Typically associated with post-surgical rehab, physical therapy can actually help you avoid surgery altogether. But wait, there’s more! Check out these conditions that can be treated with physical therapy.

Diabetes: Exercise is essential in managing your diabetes. Physical therapists can help with that by offering advice and programs to help you move more, reduce pain, increase your quality of life, and prevent nerve damage.

Jaw pain: That constant click or waking up feeling as if you had your jaw clamped all night: these things do not have to be a fact of life for you. Physical therapy can help by creating a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Age: Aging is a blessing, but it’s not always fun. Physical therapists are here to help seniors get the most out of their golden years. Treatment includes methods to maintain good balance and posture, reducing their fall risk and helping them stay confident and active.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: If you work at a computer, factory, or do anything with your hands in a repetitive motion, you’re at risk for the soreness, clicks, and stiffness that comes with carpal tunnel syndrome. Physical therapists can help alleviate that pain and even help keep your condition from getting worse. Your treatment might include stretching exercises to improve the flexibility of the wrist, hand, and fingers; use of hot and cold therapy; use of a night splint; and more.

Surgery: Physical therapy is integral to post-surgery success, but it can also prevent the need for surgery. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, seek physical therapy now and perhaps prevent surgery in the future.

Physical therapy is an under-celebrated intervention that can do a lot to help people of all ages, stages, and abilities. The next time you think there’s nothing to be done about a health issue, think of physical therapy. It might just change your life.

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