Running into Alternatives

When you love cardio, but you hate to run

Women walking

Running is an amazing way to stay in shape. It’s the best form of cardio—getting your blood flowing and your endorphins going. Unfortunately, running isn’t for everyone. Whether it’s your knees that protest or the weather that keeps you indoors, it’s always a good idea to have some alternatives to running. Check out these exercises that are nearly as good as lacing up and pounding the pavement.

Walking: Believe it or not, walking produces almost the same benefits as running! You don’t need high-impact activities for high-impact results. Take it slower and walk. Just be sure to go at a brisk pace to ensure you get the most out of your walk.

Swimming: If you like running but your joints don’t, try swimming. This low-impact activity is easy on your body and tough on stubborn fat. If you get bored swimming laps, join a group water fitness class and enjoy losing weight practically weightlessly.

Rowing: Give your arms a workout while still getting valuable cardio time by trying out the rowing machines at your gym. Many newer machines simulate the experience of rowing through water, which makes the whole endeavor extra satisfying.

Zumba: This high-energy aerobics class combines cardio with fun dance routines and music that gets you up and going. You won’t feel as if you’ve run 5 miles afterwards, but the results will make you think you might have.

Rollerblading: Although not as popular as it once was, inline skating is just as good for you as ever. Tone your hips and thighs while gliding through life. Just be sure to wear the right equipment: Wrist guards and helmet are a must.

Not being able to run shouldn’t keep you from being healthy. Next time you’re inclined to skip the workout, try one of these fun and healthy alternatives to running.

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