New services: CT and Nuclear medicine

CT and nuclear medicine equipment provides state-of-the-art patient care  

Howard Memorial Hospital is offering even greater patient care through improved technology. Last October, HMM’s radiology department began using an upgraded CT (computed tomography) scanner called a Revolution EVO. This scanner utilizes a series of detectors that spin around the patient and emit x-rays to form a series of images that are sent to processing software for reconstruction into an image that radiologists can interpret.

More images & greater precision

The new system features 128-slice reconstruction, an upgrade from the previous system’s 64-slice reconstruction. A “slice” is a cross-sectional picture of different angles of the body, which are combined to create a 3D image. The greater number of slices the CT scanner is able to produce for reconstruction, the better the detail and resolution of the image and the easier it is for a radiologist to interpret and use for diagnosis and treatment. The new equipment also provides a clearer picture around metal implants in the body, which could previously degrade the image quality.

Advanced accuracy & versatile usage

The CT Scan is a critical diagnostic tool that helps with everything from fractures to cancer, and is necessary for everyday work in the hospital. This new scanner provides for more accurate scans, a better patient experience, and is an overall aid to our medical teams. It is noticeably quieter, which can help reduce the anxiety of patients who feel anxious during scans. 

A partnership with heart & elevated patient care

Howard Memorial Hospital is excited to partner with Heart Care Imaging which gives HMH increased nuclear medicine capabilities through a dual-head gamma camera. The camera provides a significant upgrade to the single-head gamma camera and allows for increased cardiac imaging, which helps diagnose coronary artery disease and show which patients may be at a greater risk for heart attack.

Improved technology & an additional community resource

The new technological advances help the expert team at HMH have a clearer picture of your health care needs, and allows you the best possible tools right in your community.

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