Coping with Stress

When you can’t take a vacation, try these tips

Coping with Stress

While “self-care” may be the silver bullet for abolishing stress, there’s only so much we can do. After all, we have limited time and money—we can’t all just skip off to an ashram in India for two weeks. But there are things you can do to keep your mind and body healthy, even right at home and throughout your daily life.

Meditate You’re not always in control of your schedule, but even five or ten minutes a day of deep breathing or a quick walk can calm your heart rate and give you a chance to mentally relax.

Just Say No Be protective of yourself and your time. Allow yourself to say no to extra commitments and obligations. The bake sale can wait, someone else can chair the fundraiser, and maybe you can even find ways to clear up some time at work. 

Don’t Judge Everyone is fighting his or her own battle. When you learn to let go of your expectations for others, you’ll find peace and a higher quality of life.

Exercise Endorphins are no joke. Exercising helps your mind as much as it helps your body. 

Be Flexible Adopt a “just go with it” attitude. Mental anguish comes in part from reality not matching your expectations of it. If things don’t go your way, take a deep breath and adopt a “cork floating on the ocean” attitude. You’ll be happier for it.

With these tips, plus a healthy diet and enough sleep, we can do what we can with what we have—and still be better for it, mentally and physically.

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