Nutrition Services

Good nutrition is essential for good health, and critical to help the body fight infections, maintain a healthy weight and function properly. And while many know that the quality of the food they eat directly impacts their quality of life, it can be hard to discern between fad diets and food that has good nutrition. And for those with health conditions like diabetes, choosing the right foods is not only important, it can be critical. 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

More than a nutritionist—a registered dietitian nutritionist has advanced health and nutrition expertise. 

Howard Memorial Hospital’s registered dietitian nutritionist, Denise Graves, can help people improve their diets and choose healthier foods. From working with people navigating dietary restrictions, to guiding people toward foods that are satisfying and delicious, a registered dietitian nutritionist is an expert partner who helps create personalized plans so people can reach their health goals. Whether people need help knowing what to look for when grocery shopping, are looking for tips to prepare healthy meals at home, or want advice about selecting healthy options while dining out, Denise’s individualized care helps each person find healthy foods they enjoy and can stick with—to make healthy, long-lasting lifestyle changes.  

Contact Denise Graves, RDN at 870-845-6935 or for more information.

It's a lifestyle—not a diet

According to Denise, “Diet is the worst word; I don’t ever tell anyone that certain foods are bad or good,” she said. “All foods are good, and all food has value. It all depends on making healthy choices.” Denise believes in mindful eating, and stresses that it’s not about changing your diet. “It’s about changing behaviors,” she said. “After all, your behaviors are what got you there in the first place.” Instead, Denise helps patients become more mindful. “You can teach your mind to be a healthier eater.”

Certified diabetes education 

For people managing Type 2 diabetes, Denise Graves is a certified diabetes care and education specialist with an American Diabetes Association Recognized Diabetes Self-Management Education Program—the only one in the region with this credential. Find help, support and learn how to manage Type 2 diabetes through Denise’s four-part program. Starting with a one-on-one assessment to help you set your wellness goals, the program covers the basics of diabetes, nutrition, self-management and so much more. To learn more, visit our Diabetes Education page.

Use telehealth to access nutritional assistance from home

Save a trip and get help from a registered dietitian nutritionist using telehealth from the comfort of your home—or wherever it’s most convenient for you. Patients in Arkansas and Texas can schedule an appointment and receive the same help as those who come to HMH for an in-person visit. To learn more, visit our Telehealth Services page.