Swing Bed Program

The term "swing bed" refers to a general acute care hospital bed that can be "swung" from acute care to long-term care and back again to meet patient needs. When a patient's condition is no longer considered acute, they can be "swung" to a lower level of medical and nursing supervision under swing bed.

Patients who would benefit from this service are those who have recently been hospitalized due to an illness or surgery. Although their condition has improved, they still need more time with continuous care before returning home or, in some cases, to a more supervised situation. 

The HMH Swing Bed Program

Reasons to use the Swing Bed program

• Daily physical therapy
• IV hydration
• Complex wound care
• IV antibiotics
• Daily respiratory therapy
• Unstable nutrition support requiring NG support or enteral feeding

Patients can remain in the program as long as they have therapy and rehabilitation goals to meet. Once goals are reached, some patients are able to return home and some patients may need to explore additional care options. The care team can help in the process by providing recommendations and alternatives for future care, when necessary.

Why choose HMH Swing Bed?

• Acute hospital staff around the clock to manage your care

• Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy as needed

• In-house laboratory, diagnostic imaging and general surgery

• In-house, 24-hour emergency care as needed

Swing bed is often covered by Medicare as well as many private insurance plans. If you have other questions, please contact our case management department at 870-845-6934 or chief nursing officer at 870-845-8909.