Pediatric Therapy Center

Our state-of-the-art, full-service facility was designed so younger patients can receive physical, occupational and speech therapies at an engaging, child-friendly space. The separate, central location makes accessing appointments easy, and the large space gives therapists and patients the space they need.

Pediatric Therapy Center

The therapy center is staffed by experienced, accredited therapists who specialize in customizing treatments for younger patients. Kids receive one-on-one care from therapists who are with them throughout their therapy. This relationship-based approach builds trust between provider and patient, and helps kids feel comfortable and confident as they reach their goals. 

The Pediatric Therapy Center is at 1315 S. 4th Street, Nashville. Ask your child’s primary care provider for a referral, or call 870-845-8035 with questions.

We provide therapy for children 17 and under for:

  • Recovery from injury, illness, or surgery
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Sensory deficits
  • Delays in achieving milestones regarding language development
  • Sitting, crawling, walking, coordination 
  • Any other diagnosis contributing to delayed development