At Howard Memorial Hospital, we are committed to providing cost-effective, patient-centered, quality care to Nashville and the surrounding communities. Because of this dedication, we are proud to be the recipient of awards that demonstrate we are achieving our goals.

In addition to the external recognition our organization receives, we also provide internal recognition to outstanding staff members through our Service Award.

2017 Service Awards

10-Year Service:

    Steven May                

Steven May, RN started in March of 2007 in the Emergency Department. 


15-Year Service: 

    Karen Mc     Kim

Karen McRae started in June of 2002 in the Rehabilitation Services Dept.

Kim Turbeville came back to HMH in 2001 as the Administrative Director.   


30-Year Service:

  Mona L    Carol W 

Mona Lewis came to work at HMH April 1987 in the Respiratory Therapy Department.

Carol Williams came to work at HMH in May 1987 in the Radiology Department and then she transferred to Medical Records.

45-Year Service:

 Kay Walden

Kay Walden began working at HMH March 1972 in the Medical Records Department.  She retired on December 14, 2017.